Outdoor Business Banners For Greensboro and Nearby Cities

Banners are a brilliant marketing tool. They offer a high return on investment because they are cost effective to produce and can be reused multiple times. Compared to digital advertising, banners have no ongoing costs once produced and can reach a large local audience without recurring expenses.

Fabric & Vinyl Banner Options

Fabric Banner Design and Advantages

Fabric banners are typically made with premium nylon or polyester using dye sublimation inks. That basically means that the ink soaks into the fabric and dyes the material itself, rather than being applied only to the surface. Fabric banners are extremely lightweight and easy to transport.

If you like the look of a banner or flag blowing in the wind, this is another advantage of fabric over more rigid materials.

Where Fabric Banners Aren’t Ideal

Fabric flags and other signage can deteriorate over time in heavy sun and rain. They’re fine for seasonal or temporary banners, especially for events, shows, sales, and other situations where the sign is not sitting outside 24/7.

Vinyl Banners and Their Advantages

Vinyl is a good all-around option that’s easy for any sign designer to recommend. Vinyl banner printing allows for all kinds of colors and designs, and is more durable than fabric.

building wrap for building renovation

Building Wraps and Covers (Large Banners)

As outdoor banners go, these are the big and bold way to make your building a showpiece. It’ll be highly visible from the road, and might even become part of someone’s navigation. (“Turn right at the big building with the cool banner.”)

Made of mesh vinyl, building wraps are essentially the billboard of business signs. The bigger and grander the building, the more dramatic the vinyl banner. You can wrap around a corner for a two-directional view as people pass by, or go wide across the front of the building.

We Can Design Custom Vinyl Banners For All Types of Properties

Retail spaces and rental properties make great use of this style of vinyl banner because the property itself is part of the draw. But building wraps are just as stunning for:

  • Commercial buildings — make a statement everyone will see.
  • Construction projects — cover scaffolding or other sections with the construction company’s branding.
  • Event venues, such as sports stadiums or coliseums.
row of feather flags wind banners in front of office building

Feather Flags (Double Sided Banners)

These are popular because they are fairly portable, easy to set up or take inside when needed, and still create good visibility from a distance with their bold colors. Since they’re easy to move and position, you can experiment with different placements to see what creates the best effect in a way you can’t with other signage.

Many local Greensboro and High Point area businesses love these flags for outdoor use because they’re versatile and affordable.

Things to bear in mind for your feather flags:

  • While they are designed to withstand some wind and weather on a typical business day, this is not a sign for extreme weather conditions. We recommend moving them inside, or at least moving them out of the open, during storms.
  • Due to their size and unique shape, feather flags have less space for graphics or copy than other signs. You’ll need to be judicious with what to include on them, but it fits with the purpose of a flag. They are to catch attention and pull people in to see more.
  • Over time the colors naturally fade, especially if the flags have been in intense sunlight.

Pole banner welcome sign hanging on a downtown light post

Street Pole Banners

Street pole banners are commonly used for urban advertising and event promotion, capitalizing on their ability to line streets where passersby are frequent. These outdoor banners are usually mounted on light poles or utility poles, and have the advantage of maximizing visibility without taking up additional space on sidewalks or storefronts.

Ideal for creating a thematic or festive atmosphere, pole banners are often used to promote local events, seasonal greetings, or cultural festivals.

As you would expect, double sided printing is standard here.

Attaching a pole banner:

Most pole banners have metal grommets or flat pole pockets. Pole pockets allow the banner to slide onto a pole directly, but you can also use pole brackets. The metal grommets allow bungee cords or other cordage to secure it.

Is There A Maximum Banner Width?

We don’t have a specific number here. We have the ability to create large-scale building banners, so if you have a big vision in mind we invite you to reach out to us! We’ll discuss what you have in mind, and gauge what would be involved to create your large banner.

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