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Indoor signage for your business or facility is in skilled hands. At JED Signs & Co., we handle the design and production of business signage, covering everything from informational signs to chic branding.

People navigating through an airport using a wayfinding signage design

Indoor Signs Seamlessly Guide Wayfinding Within Any Building.

Wayfinding systems are inherently effective at directing people and helping them navigate through different areas within a building without feeling disoriented.

We often think of both indoor and outdoor signage as a part of the marketing, but they are also functional visual tools that help ensure a seamless experience. This journey starts outside at the street — and usually with a big monument sign.

Wayfinding signs are reassuring beacons that the traveler is on the right track, directing individuals towards their next level of entry — a leasing office at an apartment complex, a hospital or private medical office check-in, or the headquarters in a business park in the High Point area.

From there, they are guided into parking areas and into the correct entrance, and that’s where the indoor signage comes in.

Hospital wayfinding signage directs people quickly to needed medical services

Informational Signs

Informational signs strike the balance between being subtle enough not to interfere with the tone of the space, yet easy enough to spot to prevent confusion.

  • Directional signs & floor plan maps help customers navigate your space with delays.
  • Elevator and stairwell signs help with transitions and emergency exits.
  • Regulatory signs to ensure procedures are followed and adhere to state mandates.
  • ADA accessible signs — braille and tactile signs ensure your facility is open to everyone.

Well-designed signs can foster a welcoming and approachable atmosphere in an office, providing clear guidance for both interviewees and customers alike.

beautiful graphic design for office interior sign package indicating restroom location

The Most Iconic Indoor Signs In Action:

Hospitals tend to be large and labyrinth-like, and for most visitors the reason for being there is already a bit nerve-wracking. The friendlier the signage and the simpler it makes finding a loved one, the better the whole experience will be.

Regulatory signs are common in senior living facilities and other medical centers, and these facilities have all kinds of regulations that must be posted. That may begin with entrance signage making it clear smoking is prohibited in the facility, but also include rules for pool areas, cooking areas, and recreational areas.

Perhaps the best example of good signage being crucial is an airport. With longer corridors than hospitals or industrial complexes — and with much denser crowds — airports are a mass of coordinated bustle. The only way to operate on tight schedules and ensure everyone gets where they need to go is to make navigation and security as seamless as possible.

That’s the culmination of everything from ceiling-mounted navigational signs to instructional signs at checkpoints.

This type of indoor signage is just as prevalent in:

    • Government buildings
    • Malls and retail plazas
    • Industrial parks

We’re ready to help you make it happen!


modern corporate boardroom with branded wall mural

Indoor Branding Sets The Atmosphere & Style.

Wall Murals

Murals are great for entryways or as decorative hallway additions. You can create an accent wall in an office space or meeting room, and use evocative images to set the vibe for the space.

If you frequently hold Zoom calls, virtual meetings with folks outside of High Point, or presentations, branded wall murals can also provide a distinct background with personality.

Our murals are applied to the wall itself, either as wallpaper or vinyl. After being applied, it generally takes a few hours for the adhesive to dry, and then it’s a beautiful permanent fixture.


Wall Graphics and Signage

Wall graphics are commonly printed on vinyl and affixed to the wall. Alternatively, graphics can be printed on dimensional board and arranged in layers on the wall surface to produce an interesting 3D visual effect.

These make great backdrops for virtual meetings and presentations, and create a lasting impression in person.

Restaurants can make great use of wall graphics and interior signage as well, since either can reinforce the menu and the general vibe the restaurant wants to create. In a restaurant especially, the environment can be as much a reason for someone to keep coming back as the food.

JED Signs Co. can help with all of your interior signage needs, from informational signs to murals, dimensional letters, and even trade show displays.

High Point lighted interior restaurant signs

Table Tents & Stylized Menus For Restaurants

We mentioned restaurants above, and how the environment is just as important as the food for return visits.

Table tents convey useful specials, weekly offers, and allow you to share ways to keep that customer in front of your brand with newsletters, social channels, etc. The best part about these is that while a menu may only be in front of the customer for a few minutes, table signage is there for the entire meal.

For High Point restaurants with wall-mounted menus visible to customers waiting to place their orders, the two biggest factors are clarity and tone.

Right away a stylized menu tells someone if they’re in a casual eatery or a formal dining setting, but it goes further than that. Is there a segment of the menu that’s core to the brand? Maybe something the restaurant is known for? Graphical reinforcement, especially when it’s playful or visually enticing, is a subtle yet highly effective way of retaining customers.


Indoor Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs aren’t ideal for all spaces, but they work great in restaurants and sports bars, lounges, and retail. They have high visibility and tend to grab attention better than a static sign. Plus, the lighting tends to convey a style of its own.

Options for illuminated signage:

    • Channel lettering (3-dimensional)
    • Indoor window graphics
    • Point of purchase signs
    • Neon signs
    • LED signs
custom fabricated signs in High Point, Thomasville, Greensboro, NC — in the Piedmont Triad

Sign Design, Fabrication, and Installation Services

We can handle every stage of sign production for you, starting with design. We’ll provide some previews so you can see what it will look like in action, and once you approve it we’ll get your sign(s) produced.

Our skilled team can craft a wide variety of indoor signage for you, so you aren’t limited by application. You can transform your space visually by producing and installing a coordinated batch of signs, and you’ll rest easy knowing all of them are produced and installed together for minimal disruption to your workflow.


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