Outdoor Sign Design For Your High Point Business

Driving by, walking by, or sightseeing. Outdoor signs create opportunities for contact right at your location, whether they’re hanging by the entryway of your building or by the street.

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Types of Outdoor Signs for Business

monument sign

Monument Signs

As the name implies, this is a large sign often placed near the road that captures attention from everywhere nearby. We can design monument signs in a variety of materials and finishes, and you can illuminate them as well for maximum visibility.

channel lettering sign for restaurant pub

Building Signs and Channel Letters

These kinds of signs are some of the most frequently used because of their flexibility and effectiveness. This is especially true for busy office parks and retail plazas where you’re sharing space with many other businesses. Everybody else has a sign, too, but it’s an opportunity to put your style forward with something modern, striking, and durable. Plus, you can illuminate them.

LED illuminated sign for a hotel

LED Illuminated Signage

These signs are all about visibility, and the LED technology allows them to run 24/7 on minimal power. They’re water resistant and sturdy, and business owners are sometimes surprised how well they stand up to long term outdoor use.

store front vinyl window graphics

Window Graphics

A classic for retail stores and restaurants. Window signs can come in all shapes and sizes to suit your logo and brand standards. Customers are drawn to these types of signage, whether illuminated or not, and they have a quality that’s both professional and inviting.

blade sign

Blade Signs

Also referred to as projecting signs or flag-mount signs, blade signs are affixed to a building facade or architectural surfaces, positioned at a right angle to the traffic flow. Being double-sided, they offer visibility from both directions, maximizing exposure and attracting potential customers, thus enhancing foot traffic and ultimately boosting sales for business owners.

pylon sign

Pylon Signs / Pole Signs

Pylon signs are a favored choice among gas stations, restaurants, shopping centers, strip malls, and other businesses situated near highways. Their popularity stems from their towering height, which surpasses that of most other signage options. In areas where height and visibility are paramount for attracting customers and boosting foot traffic, pylon signs reign supreme.

Examples of Signs For Business


Sales event banner


store with full window graphics

Upcoming Events

Retail storefront restaurant sign with outdoor advertising features, including window graphics, banners and a-frame sign


park place monument sign


grand opening banner

Grand openings and ribbon cuttings

building wrap for building renovation

Building Renovations

What types of materials are used for exterior signage?

Here are the different types of materials most outdoor signs are designed with: 

  • Aluminum signs
  • Vinyl sign graphics
  • Acrylic signs
  • Faux-wood signs

Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and is quite weatherproof. It can withstand harsh conditions without rusting, ensuring long-term durability. Aluminum is also lightweight, making it easy to install and mount on various surfaces.

Vinyl sign graphics are popular because of their minimal weight as either cut vinyl designs or printed ones. The designs can then be added to acrylic or aluminum structures to form durable signage. Or, vinyl signs can be added to glass, such as storefront windows or vehicle windows.

Vinyl can even mimic stone, brick, or wood and when applied to aluminum. With optional UV coatings, vinyl can better resist sun fade and other weather-related issues.


Acrylic signs offer a high-gloss finish and a glass-like appearance, enhancing color richness and overall aesthetic appeal. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, acrylic can be used in illuminated signs, thanks to its clarity and light-transmitting properties.

Faux-wood signs have a natural appearance with several durability wins: resistant to rot, termites, and weathering. Faux-wood offers that classic, warm look of wood but with greater resilience – suitable for a variety of design preferences.

Is weatherproofing necessary on custom outdoor signs?

Generally no. Most sign materials are already waterproof the way they are produced. With vinyl signage the UV protection is optional, but it does protect against color fading.

To think of this another way, most signs will be produced with proper weatherproofing by default. You won’t need to do any additional protection for these signs after the fact.

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