Your Guide To Vinyl:
Signs & Wraps

Vinyl is a go-to material for professional signage because of its versatility. Vinyl can be cut, shaped, stacked, and styled to embody more things than any other material. 

The possibilities of vinyl signs are infinite. Let’s transform your ideas into tangible realities.

Sign makers can print multiple colors on white vinyl to create any kind of mood, and cut vinyl pieces can be stacked for an artistic 3D look.

Vinyl works equally well in retail and corporate settings as signs, murals, and privacy panels. The incredible versatility is why it’s easy to recommend when customers ask about materials.

Here are the aspects of vinyl we’ll cover:

corporate lobby with branded wall mural installed with vinyl graphics

Vinyl Signs In Corporate Settings

Two of the most iconic examples of vinyl signs in office environments are wall graphics near entryways — often behind reception desks to immediately greet visitors — and murals in hallways or conference rooms.

When it comes to indoor signage for businesses, even one great-looking mural can enhance the sense of professionalism and tone throughout the space. Because vinyl is cost effective, planning a series of different signs with consistent branding is easier to budget around without feeling like you’re making concessions on the look.

custom vinyl graphic wall mural inside a gym

How Vinyl Wall Murals Work:

Vinyl wall murals are printed on large sheets of vinyl, which have adhesive backing. The vinyl used is typically a special kind of PVC film that is flexible, durable, and capable of holding high-resolution images with vibrant colors.

Before installation, the surface where the mural will be placed must be clean, dry, and smooth. Any texture or debris can affect the adhesion and appearance of the mural.

Vinyl wall graphics can be cut-outs attached to the wall, or large panels that are permanently affixed. Similar idea to murals and are applied the same way.

The installation process looks like this:

  • Measuring the wall and planning the layout to ensure the mural fits perfectly. Some murals come in panels that need to be aligned precisely.
  • From one corner, the backing paper is peeled back to reveal the adhesive side. The mural is then carefully applied to the wall, gradually peeling off more backing paper while smoothing the mural onto the surface to avoid air bubbles. A squeegee or a similar tool is often used to smooth out the vinyl and ensure good adhesion.
  • Excess vinyl at the edges of the mural is trimmed to fit the dimensions of the wall precisely, using a sharp utility knife. 

If you need to remove the mural…

The removal process begins by lifting a corner of the material and gently peeling it away from the wall at a 180-degree angle.

If the mural has been on the wall for a long time, or if a permanent adhesive was used, applying heat can soften the adhesive and allow removal.

Any adhesive residue left on the wall can typically be cleaned off using a mild solvent or adhesive remover, followed by soap and water.

Vinyl murals are highly durable and resistant to many environmental factors, such as sunlight and humidity. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth for cleaning, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

Office environments boost their visuals with vinyl

wayfinding signage for office buildings

Wayfinding Signage
keeps navigation seamless for a more productive atmosphere.

window decals for office door labels

Window Decals
label offices, utility rooms and storage spaces.

safety and ADA signs for office buildings

Safety Information
prevents accidents and can save lives during emergencies.

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Vinyl Vehicle and Window Wraps

Vinyl vehicle wraps maximize brand visibility, and can be easier to apply than a full paint job. You can even apply perforated vinyl to the back window for a seamless design.

The perforation allows the driver to see out that window with relative ease, but passersby can’t see in. That’s always a plus in public parking scenarios.

utility van vinyl graphic wrap for cassady electric
mobile golf car vinyl decal wrap

Adding a vinyl vehicle wrap also offers some other subtle benefits.

  • If areas of your vehicle’s paint are faded or damaged, the vinyl wrap can cover them so they aren’t apparent, and protect them from further damage.
  • The wrap protects the vehicle’s exterior in general. This is helpful if you park outside uncovered (in harsh sun and weather). If you’re regularly on highways where stones, sand, and road spray are frequently hitting the vehicle, the paint underneath will show less wear because it was the vinyl taking the abuse.
  • Some forms of vinyl can reflect sunlight, which can actually help control heat buildup inside the vehicle in summer months.
  • Vinyl wrapped vehicles are easier to clean. Most vinyl can be cleaned well with basic soap and water, and doesn’t require waxing like regular paint does.
  • Because vinyl wraps can be removed, you can even use them on leased vehicles since it won’t involve permanent alterations.

Design and installation

After printing, the vinyl is often laminated. This clear laminate protects the graphic from wear and UV damage.

The vinyl is pre-measured and cut to fit the specific panels of the vehicle. This process might involve creating templates based on the vehicle’s dimensions.

The installer will carefully position the vinyl on the vehicle. They’ll carefully peel back the backing material, and apply the adhesive side to the vehicle surface. Squeegees to smooth out the vinyl and expel air bubbles.

This process requires skill to avoid wrinkles and ensure the vinyl is stretched evenly without distortion.

The wrap installer will then use a heat gun to soften the vinyl, making it more pliable so it can conform to curves like bumpers and fenders. Excess vinyl is trimmed away, and the edges are sealed.

Whether you’re wrapping a single vehicle or a fleet of company vehicles, this is a serious boost in visibility and we can help!

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Special Effects with Vinyl Materials

Part of vinyl’s versatility is how sign makers can design it to look like other more expensive materials.

For instance, one special type of vinyl has a frosty see-through appearance, and can make glass it’s attached to look like it has been sandblasted. You could extend this style for winter themes or even for a weathered look.

You can also style vinyl material to look like wood or various metals. Faux steel, chrome, or even gold are doable and make for a classy look.

Vinyl can also accept holographic coatings, and pairs incredibly effectively with diamond plate or glitter designs.

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