Vinyl banners are one of the best ways to promote events non-digitally because they check some super important boxes:

  • They’re more affordable than other types of permanent signage.
  • They’re relatively quick to produce.
  • They’re portable, and easy to pack down and use elsewhere.

These types of temporary signage can also solve problems that no other signage can. Here are some of those scenarios, as examples:

  • Sometimes you’ve acquired a new location but are waiting on licensing or approval from the state, and aren’t allowed to display permanent signage yet. But you can use banners to showcase your business in the meantime and maintain a professional image.
  • Perhaps you are renting space in a park, on someone else’s property, or at a fair or tradeshow. In all these cases, you are only allowed to display what you can set up and pack down each day. A banner is perfect, and few other types of signage are viable.
  • Event spaces often feature an ongoing roster of different events throughout a month. Some events might be a single day. Or a week. Having flexible signage that can be swapped out, moved, and reused at the next outing is extremely valuable.
  • Some rented retail spaces prohibit wall/window signage that takes up more than a certain percentage of the window space. Traditional signs will often be too much, but vinyl window clings are small, unobtrusive, and easy to move around.

Let’s delve into some more detail on the uses and benefits of the types of signage mentioned above.

Various banners and signs in a busy trade show

Banners For Trade Shows, Conventions, Rallies, Grand Openings, and Sporting Events

Banners are meant to be portable and reusable, first and foremost. Whether you mount them to a table, a wall, or on banner stands, they’re a brilliant option for a professional looking display for one-off events.

Banners are great for festivals, rallies, and fundraisers because they stand out in a crowd. Visitors will know where to go to sign in, to donate, or to check out your wares. Each of these events could be repeat scenarios (annual or quarterly events), and being able to bring out a banner that works each time produces sustainable ROI.

Political rallies are a good example of this, too, because campaigning usually requires consistent appearances in different areas where the same signage makes sense over and over.

Other types of events banners make sense for include weddings, exhibitions, and grand openings. What these events have in common is exuberantly promoting a singular experience. Signage and other decor needs to make as big of a splash as possible leading up to and during the event.

Here, banners help build the hype and excitement just as much as they direct attention and drive attendance. In these examples, the events are important enough to invest in banners even for a one time showing. 

Perception matters, and the relatively low cost and quick turnaround on banners is attractive for any event planner.

printed vinyl graphics on stairs designed and printed in Greensboro NC

It Might Surprise You How Effective Floor Graphics Can Be

Floor graphics don’t have to be permanently painted designs. Printed vinyl graphics can also be attached to floors for wayfinding, interactive elements, or even promotions.

Typical Use Cases Of Floor Wayfinding/Directional Graphics

For malls, large office buildings, medical facilities & hospitals, and similar scenarios, navigational signage on floors are helpful and reassuring ways for visitors to know they’re heading in the right direction.

Floor graphics can subtly guide people toward elevators, exits, restrooms, or different departments.

Restaurants have keenly used these to show people where to stand to place their orders, and to extend the branding of the menu boards to where the customers stand.

You can even use floor graphics on stairs on the front-facing sections between steps. These look great in sports stadiums, auditoriums, and kids play centers as ways to add fun and color to the scene. Want to extend a wall mural scene onto stairways and flooring for a larger than life vibe? You can do that, too.

Floor graphics are best paired with other signage to add to the total experience.

trade show banners and booths designed and printed in High Point

Tips For Floor Graphics (and Floor Standing Signs) for Event Spaces & Promo

Anti-slip indoor and outdoor vinyl is ideal for heavy foot traffic areas to organize visitor traffic as well as vendor setup areas.

Indoors, they have the durability to serve as longer term solutions for event centers, stadiums, and tradeshows.

Outdoors, high-traffic vinyl can last 2 years and also serve for temporary events — such as markets, fairs, concerts, and charity runs.

An important thing to bear in mind with floor standing signage is that visual impact diminishes quickly below table height.

For events, we recommend not viewing your floor standing signs as regular banners or flyers. You don’t realistically have the entire surface to convey information to viewers.

Generally, anything below 36 inches isn’t paid the attention of text and graphical elements above. Below 30 inches, or roughly table height, you run into these challenges:

  • Below this height, tables and furniture will block that portion of the sign if placed behind tables etc.
  • If the sign is near a table and not behind it, people’s eyes will still be drawn to the table more than the bottom of the sign.
  • Even if the sign is free standing in the open, with no nearby tables, passersby generally won’t look that low.

Because of this, we recommend placing the most important graphics and copy in the upper areas of the sign for this setting. Especially at conventions, trade shows, and fairs where there’s a lot to see all at once — and any attention a sign grabs will be fleeting.

Another tip is to think big. Don’t crowd your floor standing sign with too much information since at event spaces there will be people passing in front of the signs continuously.

There are already things working against readability from the setting, so having less information that is able to be bigger and bolder is often the smart move.

Remember, at these types of events your sign’s job is simply to pique interest and get someone to come over to your booth, display, or presentation room. They can get all the other information once there.